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Here's what some of our satisfied customers have to say about AER Auto Repair LLC:

I've used AER several times for mechanical work on my cars and for a pre-purchase check on a car I was considering buying. Each time, I've been pleased with the experience and what's been explained to me. The work is thorough and I haven't had any problems with the work that was done. Price has always been competitive as well.

Janet S.

Denise was extremely helpful and patient, trying to help me figure out my options. Excellent customer service and you truly get the impression that they have a genuine desire to help.

Casey M.

The only shop I will take my vehicle to! They are friendly and very thorough!

Annie M.

Hello to all. I brought a 1986 VW Cabriolet Karman to AER to have a wouldn't start problem fixed. Shortly after my car had been brought there some quick diagnosis revealed the car had a bad cold start fuel jet? Or something like that. When I got the car back it ran better than it had in 11 years. As in started right up and ran better than EVER since we owned the car. Folks...do yourself a favor, stop taking your cars to mechanics who just work on cars. These guys fix cars. Since the fist time they fixed the Cabriolet we have had work done on our Honda. Now it drives better than the day I got it 8 years ago. I have also referred a few other people who also took their cars there and now they have a new lifelong repair shop. The people at the shop are very friendly and polite. My 3 sons and I will continue to use AER for all of our vehicle needs. Thank you very much and you are greatly appreciated, loved and needed by this community. A gem in the treasure valley.

Doug L.

Super nice, honest people!

Benjamin S.

These guys are pros and they go the extra mile to make their customers happy. I had their professional fuel injection cleaning service done on BOTH my Tacoma and my Camry. My Camry got 550 miles on the first tank of gas after the service! Need I say more?

John H.

They always go the extra mile.

Jeanette S.

Honest, knowledgeable, fair. Will never go anywhere else.

Philip V.

The people I dealt with were very friendly. My car was fixed in the time frame I needed it (and not everybody around wants to work on my make & model of car, so I was glad to find them). The owner seems to take pride in his work, and explained the details of what he did. The only reason I left a star off is because of communication; I had to call back a couple of times when I had been told they'd call to give me updates, and didn't. Otherwise, no complaints!

Lance W.

The dealerships are bringing cars there now. Enough said. You are getting better quality repair service than many dealerships for WAY less money. The only problem with that is the wait is longer these days. Simply put, I feel they are really GOOD, honest people who will not "throw parts" at your vehicle till the problem is solved like many places I've been to in the past. I won't go anywhere else. They have solved extremely challenging electrical problems for me, but can do anything mechanical.

Scott A.

Wonderful people...trustworthy....honest!

R. C.

Excellent customer service! Quickly diagnosed my overheating 4Runner on a Saturday afternoon without an appointment. Replaced my head gaskets within about a week and backed their work with a 12 month or 12,000 mile warranty. Actual cost was the same as the estimate. I would highly recommend this shop to any of my family and friends. If you look around, I'm sure you will find a shop to do work for less, but in my opinion, "cheaper" shops probably won't have the same diagnostic abilities and may not use manufacturer/dealer grade parts. Shops that misdiagnose or use cheap parts can easily cost more in the long run. Thank you for the professional service!

Mark B.

These guys are great. Very friendly people. They were able to fix my Jeep Cherokee Steering Column for $200.00 while others had quoted me $700.00 and wanted to replace the whole column. They obviously knew what they were doing, and I don't think they even charged me for as much labor as actually went into it. Hard to find service like that anymore. Thank you AER.

Megan H.

These guys are the best. They are the only mechanic I have ever had to take my car to ever in my life. They were straight forward on the prices and explaining the issues. I am mechanically savvy so to say I needed to go to a mechanic is an issue I couldn't fix. The only reason they were not able to fix the car is because of the repair costing exceeding the worth of the vehicle. As long as they are in business I will be doing business with them. The staff is amazing and helpful and they don't sugar coat things. Thank you guys for the great work.

Stephen B.

The people at AER were all very helpful and professional. They went out of their way to help me find and fix the problem on my car.

Holly B.

Came in for some brake fluid at the end of the day and AER came through with awesome customer service and professionalism. Will definitely bring all my car troubles back here.

Kristoffer I.

I would like to provide an update on a previous 1 star rating. It came to light that a previous employee of theirs was doing half ass work behind Rob and Denise's back making their company look bad. Rob reached out to me recently and explained the situation and informed me that the tech was no longer working for them and asked if he could make things right. I decided to take my truck back and give them another chance to help me out. I am very pleased to say they went above and beyond to help me out just like they have done in the past. Thank you so much for everything and I assure you we will continue to bring all our auto needs to AER. VERY HAPPY CUSTOMER!!!

Jeff B.

I just moved here and I ran into some car troubles. This shop was close to where my car went down so I contacted them and had them check it out. I thought the issue was one thing, it turns out I was partially right. It turned out to be an electrical connectivity issue that was only discovered because the tech and the owner of this shop went the extra mile and checked every possible thing that could have caused the issue. I am extremely satisfied with their work, the customer service and the shop in general. If I ever have another issue with a vehicle I will be bringing it here. I highly recommend this place for any and every car problem you may encounter. Plus when other shops in the area can't get a car fixed, they send it here to get repaired. When other shops count on this shop for complex repairs, this is the place to go first.

John G.

Can't say enough about AER. On a Saturday, no less, had my car in and out in 5 hours. Drove from McCall to Boise when I realized I had a problem. They were the only shop I could find open and were able to get my car in, needed a water pump! My experience was one I need share...these people are great, price very reasonable. Rob is now my new mechanic. THANK U so much!

Trish C.

We ran into brake problems while traveling to the Grand Canyon in our Sprinter Chassis RV. They squeezed us in late Friday afternoon; and the poor mechanic had to work outside (size of RV) in triple digit temperatures. They are unnecessarily kind. Incredible experience.

Rick V.

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